"...I wanted to blend bad taste with good taste. As Marlene Dietrich said, as long
as it’s not kitsch is fine. I think that a certain amount of bad taste makes things
brilliant. A perfect woman with a clashing element is very fascinating to me.
We are never attracted by perfection, we find it banal, in the end.
My sources of inspiration have always been fashion, music, street style, cinema
and art. I have always had strong references to music...
I am not a psycho-fan, I’ve never had a poster in my bedroom.
I’m dazzled by the relationship between two individuals, and I love people
for what they are. The qualities I most appreciate in a person are clearness,
generosity, honesty, and creativity. If we have it, it’s a good start. Moreover,
I think that it is always a matter of elective affinities, as in this project.”
Luigi Murenu